Money back for old telephones – our answer

For two years now Vodafone customers have been able to get money back by handing in their old mobile phone via our shops, website or our account managers (business customers).
Since September 2011 Vodafone has been making new private customers aware of the fact that they can return their old handset to Vodafone. A return envelope is always included with a new handset.

Recycling is an important issue for Vodafone as it offers a number of benefits:

  • Good for the environment, as more raw materials are reused or recycled
  • Good for our customers, as they earn money when they hand in their used telephone
  • Good for developing countries, which can get hold of mobile phones more cheaply
  • Good for Vodafone, as it enables us to offer extra service

Lots of telephones were handed in once again last year. This is very pleasing, but we believe that this number needs to be much higher still over the coming years.

That is why, together with stakeholders and customers, we are looking for suitable ways of achieving this.


  • 69,379 telephones collected by Vodafone in the Netherlands in 2011: 6% of the total number of handsets sold by Vodafone
  • 86% of these were reused and 14% recycled
  • EUR 35: the average amount that Vodafone customers received for the telephones they handed in
  • 66% of people think that an old telephone is worth less than EUR 10, however