Customer service

Average waiting time fell to 2 minutes – our answer

The quality of our customer service is extremely important to Vodafone. It is something that customers experience directly, stakeholders regard it as a very important issue and it can have an impact on our operating results. Sufficient reasons, then, to ensure that the contact we have with our customers is as positive as possible, even if the reason for the contact is negative. The training we give our employees is crucial here. It enables them to resolve complex problems and to speak to customers in the right way.

The survey conducted by the Ministry for Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation revealed that Vodafone achieves a score of 7.1 for general customer satisfaction. This puts us in joint first place with T-Mobile and Tele2.

Vodafone was the first company in the market to change its charges for calls to customer service teams to a fixed charge per call of EUR 0.45.

Vodafone customers are the most satisfied with the way in which complaints are resolved: 68% are satisfied with the solution proposed.

We do much less well when it comes to waiting times, however. During the survey customers waited for an average of 8 minutes, compared with 3 minutes for T-Mobile, 3 minutes for KPN Hi and 2 minutes for Tele2.
We were obviously not happy with that result.

Fortunately, we were able to make improvements quickly by means of a new programme that was launched in our customer service departments in 2010. Over the past financial year the average waiting time fell to just 2 minutes.

Some will say that Vodafone only acted after customer service teams had become the subject of considerable discussion in the media and in political circles. That is not entirely true. The attention that was focused on the issue did lead to new ideas being developed and other measures being implemented more quickly. At the beginning of 2010, however, we were already implementing a new strategy that would see employees assessed in future based on their personal NPS scores (rating of the service provided) and no longer based on how efficiently they work. Introducing all the measures outlined above has improved the customer experience, as shown by the higher customer satisfaction scores.